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SendGrid Events synced to your HubSpot timeline

Keeping track of SendGrid events the easy way

Essential features to speed up your workflow all inside of HubSpot

Connect to HubSpot

Connect your SendGrid account to your HubSpot account through this simple plugin

Log Events

Get full visibility of all email events that have been sent to your users in SendGrid on the HubSpot contact timeline

Segment by Events

Segment your contacts by SendGrid events in HubSpot

Filter by Events

Filter your HubSpot contact's timeline to show only SendGrid events

SendGrid Customisation

Customise SendGrid to only send particular events to HubSpot via your SendGrid account mail settings

Spam Reports

If spam is detected, MailSync will automatically unsubscribe users, helping you remain anti spam compliant

Track Email Delivery

A full history of each email event is stored as it occurs so you can monitor delivery status, bounce reasons, and more

Import Extra Information

Information like the subject line and the click & open count can be pulled to further enrich the information stored on the HubSpot timeline (requries Sendgrid account to be updated)

Want a new feature?

Got an idea for a new feature that will make your life easier. Let us know and we’ll look into it